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Pool Facility Manager App by NSPF and CH

From the industry experts, National Swimming Pool Foundation® and Counsilman-Hunsaker, comes the aquatic Facility Manager app you've been waiting for!

Facility Manager App by NSPF and Counsilman HunsakerNSPF® leads the industry in research and education; Counsilman-Hunsaker leads the industry in facility design and management. Partnering together we present Facility Manager, an app designed with you in mind. 

The Facility Manager web app simplifies daily tasks, streamlines risk management, and ensures code compliance. Facility Manager provides you customizable software ensuring all reports, checklists, and incident reports are filled out completely and correctly by your staff. Plus, the paperless system gives you easy and permanent access to those reports, anytime, anywhere, through your computer or mobile device. 

Standardized options, auto-fill for key fields, and automated prompts prevent staff from overlooking required items. Customizable email templates and alerts save time while keeping the right people informed. These features ensure your facility records contain more facts and details in an easy to read and more consistent format. The solution to record-keeping issues, Facility Manager increases your efficiency with access to real-time data right in your pocket. 

Compliant with the Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC), Counsilman-Hunsaker and the National Swimming Pool Foundation offer Facility Manager as a licensed product. The cost depends on the modules you choose to include, as well as the number of facilities you have. We will set up your customized checklists at no additional cost and provide the training you need to get started right away. You determine who can access the software, the reports they have access to, and the level of access within those reports. Of course, virtual assistance is available for technical questions throughout your use.

How Facility Manager Simplifies Your Risk Management, Daily Documentation, and Record Keeping:

Pool Testing

Facility Manager enables your staff to electronically record pool test readings, providing you with a permanent electronic record that you can access anytime anywhere. Beyond the regular pH and chlorine tests, the program will also calculate water balance. Once an employee fills in pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, water temperature, cyanuric acid and TDS, the program will auto-calculate water balance. 

MAHC and Local Code Compliance

The Facility Manager app was built based on the MAHC standards and has earned CMAHC Certification, a first-of-its-kind seal of approval meaning that this app is certified to help ensure your pools remain compliant with the Model Aquatic Health Code. When recording your pool test figures, you will be alerted if you fall outside of the MAHC parameters and be able to reference the MAHC in the application itself. If your jurisdiction has its own code, you can also customize the application for specific local code compliance and with similar alerts.

Customizable Checklists

This feature in the Facility Manager app allows you to electronically create and update your checklists from anywhere. You can document needed repairs with deadlines, completion dates, and pre- and post-repair photos. You can use the daily or weekly checklists and even create your own custom checklists. Additionally, based on your settings, your maintenance contact will have repair notes automatically sent to them.


This module allows you to report lifeguard training information including employee names, types of in-service, and equipment used.

Pool Closure Forms

The next time your pool closes for any reason, such as inclement weather, water quality, or recreational water illness, you can record it with the pool closure reports function of Facility Manager. You are also provided with the ability to record any applicable details on the closure form. As part of the form you are prompted to record any information about the corrective actions you have taken.

Illness and Injury Documentation

Recording and archiving illness and injury reports have often been complicated by a lack of pertinent information, readability, or record retention. Facility Manager utilizes required fields, ensures standardized and legible input, maintains records in the database, and prompts staff with a reminder to record only factual information. The app also provides the option of taking photos to attach to the record for supporting evidence. 

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With the Facility Manager web app you'll experience the benefit of over 100 years of aquatic knowledge and innovation that Counsilman-Hunsaker and the National Swimming Pool Foundation provide. Ensure proper reporting and record keeping and eliminate the paper hassle for your staff today!   


To purchase Facility Manager or schedule a full demonstration contact Andrew.Roberts at Andrew.Roberts@nspf.org.

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